Scorpius Turkish G7 (by Bamboo Archery)

Bamboo Archery's experimental flight bow, the Scorpius, has matured into its 7th generation update. The Scorpius Turkish G7 is sleaker, smoother, more ergonomic, more forgiving and extremely durable.

Here is Ronald on the bow:

"I started archery with modern compound bow, but in the end, I settled for the beauty of simplicity in traditional Asian bow. However, I had to admit that I did miss the explosive power of the compound. Even the most premium of traditional Asian bow brand in the market could not fill the void in my heart. Therefore, I've decided to design my own superbow, which is now known as Scorpius. The design was heavily based on my favorite high performance brand, Mariner. Therefore, Scorpius is my flight optimized version of Mariner Ming Moon 4. While Scorpius lacked historical accuracy and craftmanship refinement of a Mariner, it offers ultimate simplicity with an explosive punch." - Ronald Chong (Bamboo Archery)

Scorpius Specifications


If interested, please send email to Ronald Chong at or contact via WhatsApp (+60122669631).