Qing Dragon Series

The Qing Dynasty (1644--1911 AD) had the largest territory of any period in Chinese history --- for good reason. The Manchu rulers of Qing came from a tough, hardy people who lived in the harsh climate of Northeast China by horseback riding and hunting (among other animals, their customary prey included tigers and bears). During their reign, the rulers of Qing became great patrons of the arts and literature.

The Qing Dragon series faithfully recreates the Manchurian design that became the standard for all of China up until modern times. In fact, the Manchu bow also became the standard for modern-day Mongolian and Tibetan traditional archers. Because the Manchus hunted large, dangerous game, they preferred shooting long, heavy arrows at their prey. As a result, the Qing bow became a large bow with prominent string bridges and especially long siyahs (tips), which acted as giant levers that made it easier to pull higher draw weights. The Qing Dragon 2 is well suited to archers who prefer a longer draw, a heavier arrow, as well as stability and forgiveness in their shot. The Qing Dragon 1 is styled after the North Tibetan bows from Qinghai, a province in China that is a beacon in the revival of traditional archery --- this model is well suited to archers who want the benefits of the Qing Dragon 2 in a more compact form.

Qing Dragon 1 (青龍一)

Max draw length (from belly): 33"
Length of braced bow: 57.5" (146 cm)
Min warrantied arrow mass: 12.0 grains-per-pound
Price: $420 (up to 45# @ 33"), $440 (50--60# @ 33"), $475 (65--70 @ 33")

In modern times, Qinghai province is famous for holding international traditional archery festivals and is a shining example of how to revive traditional archery in modern-day China.

The Qing Dragon 1 is built in the Qinghai-style (a shorter version of the Manchurian bow) and is preferred by traditional archers in Northern Tibet. It is roughly the same size as the Ming Moon 1, but with large, forward-swept tips that give the archer more leverage while drawing the bow.

Qing Dragon 2 (青龍二)

Max draw length (from belly): 36"
Length of braced bow: 64.5" (164 cm)
Min warrantied arrow mass: 13.0 grains-per-pound
Price: $435 (up to 40# @ 36"), $470 (45--60# @ 36"), $520 (65--70# @ 36")

The Qing Dragon 2 is Mariner's longest bow, faithfully recreating the full scale and size of the Qing dynasty Manchurian bow. The large tips that give the archer more leverage while drawing the bow and are ideal for shooting heavier projectiles. Plus, you can pull this bow up to 36".